Tiger Internet always actively searches for new ideas.



A minimum viable product is created & continuously adapted to the changing market situation.



Ultimate goal is to create value for stakeholders through sustainable growing businesses.

Tiger Method


Identifying an Idea

Tiger Internet gets business ideas from researching promising - existing & growing businesses operating around the globe. If a certain business is successful in one market, that business may be successfully adotpted to an underserving market or target consumer group.


Creating the Business

A minimum viable product , usually an ecommerce site is created inhouse & a market promotion drive is undertaken to test the viability of the product. Full scale business created only if the product successfully passes all the required tests & matrix.


Achieving Value

The successful growing business creates value to all the stakeholders . Beside growth, tiger internet also focuses on sustainable business practices. Good for earth, Good for people - Good for business.

Projects in Brief

Here are few of the promising ideas Tiger Internet is working on

Frequently Asked Questions


Tiger Internet is a global company registered in Delaware, USA.

Tiger Internet employs core people in IT & finance. Outsources most of the other jobs.

Best in class services to customers, quality life for employees.

Market leading position in the chosen niche.

Open, inclusive & harmonious.

People & environment.

Sustainable best practices.

Founder's funded. In future Tiger Internet will accept outside funding.

At the moment none.

Please write to info@tigerinternet.com

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